​​​​​​​Arrival and free play

Children arrive to find many activities already awaiting them.  We like to set up our activities in a way that invites and engages the children.  The activities are varied each day and encourage the children to get creative.

AM Snack
Organic and delicious.  Children often get a chance to partake in the preparation and clean up, as we encourage independence in caring for one's needs.

Song and Movement

The perfect way to get your energy out before morning circle.  Common activities include finger plays, freeze dances, yoga, light exercises, listening games, etc. 

Morning Circle

A time to say hello, a time to share, a time to learn, a time to dance.  We work on many things during our morning circle, most of which are tailored to the children's interests.

Outside time

Running, jumping, building, digging, etc.  Rain or shine. We are  big proponents of neighborhood walks and visitations to the local playground at Madrona City Park.


Children get a chance to eat with their peers and nourish their bodies.  Lunches should be brought from home, We will not be providing lunch other than light, emergency snacks.

Story Time and Early Pick Up
We read a story as a group during this important transition into rest time.  After our story we sing a goodbye song and bid farewell to those friends that attend half days.

Quiet Rest Time

Children are provided with mats and pillows which they combine with a sheet and blanket from home to create a cozy spot on one of our carpets.  Children who do not take regular naps get a chance to rest quietly for at least 30 minutes.

Independent Exploration

An important time for children transitioning from naps.  It is a time to build upon existing knowledge, learn, experiment, and practice working independently.

PM Snack and End of Day

A second, differing line up of delicious organic food is offered. Finally, we gather all of our belongings and play outside while we wait to be picked up.

After Care

Both indoor and outdoor activities will be offered. Teacher lead activities tailored to the childrens' interest will also take place.

Structuring a school day around a consistent routine is extremely important.  Children have a sense of security knowing how the events of their day unfold and are able to prepare for transitions, changes, and even taking risks.  However, consistent is not to say, set in stone.  I believe in giving children ownership over their day, and leaving room for spontaneity or extra play/work.  Therefore, our daily routine is structured around the interests of the children and flexible when our friends need it to be. 

Our Day

Little  Imprints









*After Care will be offered at the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.