Little  Imprints

Believe that every child is unique, capable, loving, and full of great potential.

Take consideration for the needs of each and every individual and provide exceptional care to make sure those needs are met.

Believe that having a small number of children and a consistent teacher provides an essential recipe for children to thrive in a school setting.

Encourage each child to be independent for his/her own needs including during meal times, getting ready for outside, using the rest room, cleaning up, and for art projects and items to be taken home. 


Use reflective language to clearly communicate to each child and validate his/her emotions.

Help curate and encourage creativity, curiosity, and understanding.

Model appropriate behavior, including respect for our fellow human beings, respect for our bodies, and respect for the larger environment around us.

Get children excited about school and their environment by including objects and topics tailored to their own interests.

Try to avoid the stress of transitions by keeping the routine smooth and limiting the number of transitions throughout the day.

Love learning and investigating and share this passion with the children.

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